Rugby is a fascinating sport. It’s got all of football’s smooshing without all the silly forward passing (shutup i‘m not a sensitive Dolphins fan your face is a sensitive Dolphins fan). For the casual viewer, the games may appear to be nothing more than random violence and trickery to accumulate points. But there’s a lot more to it. From my understanding, the fly-half is the person who more or less controls the game. They are the point person in all the critical situations when time is running low, and a big kick, pass, run or smoosh needs to be made. For better or worse, their decisions decide a team’s fate. 

I’ve always admired the fly-halfs of the world who thrive under pressure, make speeches, and welcome the scrutiny that comes with being a decision-maker. I traditionally have not wanted anything to do with the rock when the pressure’s on and time is low. Looking back, it’s remarkable(ly sad) to think that my moxie and mental toughness peaked around age 11. You better believe I wanted that ball in Little League. But now quite honestly I’d prefer the ball not be hit in my direction in softball.

So here’s to the fly-halfs of the world who make decisions so us passives/apathetics don’t have to, and are able to perform great athletic feats while we hyperventilate on the couch when the game gets tight.


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