Frozen Foods

The top 5 greatest frozen food items of all time (under $5 category) are the following:

1. Stouffer’s Mac + Cheese – the key is cooking it several minutes longer than the recommended time; whatever it takes to maximize the golden crispys around the edge of the bowl.

2. Stouffer’s Chicken a La King – a real classic: peas, rice, bell pepper, mystery sauce.

3. Marie Calendar’s Chicken Pot Pie – there are a lot of bad pot pies out there, but Marie gets it done. I recognize beforehand that there is an 85% chance of burning the roof of my mouth due to impatience, but it still happens just about every time.

Marie if you can find a way to make your pot pie not burn my mouth roof, you could still make your way to the #1 spot.

4. Anything from HUNGRY MAN – I like that the selling point here is how many lbs. of food we’re talking. “7 pounds of food!”

5. Green Giant Rice Medley – I could eat about 7 of these, a very underrated frozen item. Try with ginger dressing for a real dream combo.

* Due to an overwhelming outcry from legions of Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza fans (AJ), we are caving and adding SFBP to this list; as an ‘honorable mention.’


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