By now you are sensing a strong recurring underdog theme. Let’s keep it going. (Sorry Sauron, NY Yankees and Manchester United 🙂

We all love the little hobbit with the disgusting large, hairy feet. He is perhaps the ultimate underdog – maybe even the world’s most famous outside of David. But can we be brutally honest here for a moment and confess that Frodo is a little bit annoying?

Don’t get me wrong; I love LOTR. We used to watch the Two Towers battle scene to get pumped up before football Saturdays in college.

But this complaining “feeble hobbit in distress” shtick gets old. “Oh I’m so tempted by evil and scared all the time…Let’s talk some more about how scared and unqualified we all are for this task…”

Just shut it and throw the dadgum thing into that fire hole.

Of course I’m teasing. Any negative thing I say about LOTR is more an implication of my inability to sit still for 3+ hours.

Despite all his complaining, certainly Frodo is the hero we all wish to be. Just like him, we must walk through life ill-equipped for arduous, seemingly undoable tasks. We trudge along with our cartoonish body parts and dubious friends in tow – all along trying to destroy these bad things and habits we deem precious, but just might kill us.

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