Certainly one of the biggest topics we’ll tackle here. I’ll try not to gush. But seriously my baby is cuter than 1,000 dancing pandas in sailor outfits.

Simply put, there’s nothing else like becoming/being a father.

I’ll be the first to admit you can’t really understand until it happens to you, until you hold that precious little loaf in your arms. But man it is awesome. Terrifying and  challenging, certainly. But awesome and life-changing and all those other dad clichés, they’re all true – if not wholly inadequate understatements.

I’d like to say that becoming a daddy has somehow made me a better person, but if anything, the experience provides daily confirmation of my innumerable deficiencies.

Especially in these early months, it’s a daily exercise in humility and the kind of selflessness you don’t usually exhibit unless forced.

The most meaningful thing I can say about fatherhood is this: having a little baby offers the purest, most beautiful expression and explanation of the faith that I subscribe to in a few different ways. 1.) It reminds me every day of the humanity and dignity of all those around me (not matter how awful they seem), and of how much grace we all need and deserve* 2.) By forcing me out of my preferred selfishness, it points me toward the right and righteous way of thinking 3.) It gives me a clearer picture of just how much God loves all of us helpless, flailing little people. I’m more convinced than ever that all of us infant-people know so much less than we think, which is strangely comforting. 4.) Knowing how much I love this little one, and assuming the “God is our parent and we’re his children” analogy is correct, leaves no doubt in my mind that he is certainly waiting for even the worst of us with open arms.

*Imagining especially horrible people as pooping, laughing babies is surprisingly effective. I’m pretty sure the coach in the Waterboy uses this tactic. Wow what a reference!


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