There was a time (roughly 1993-1994) where I wouldve taken a bullet for the Steiner Brothers, one of wrestling’s all-time great tag-teams duos. Aside from the Bushwhackers, Ric + Scotty were tops in my eyes.

Scotty’s special finishing move, the “Frankesteiner,“ was dazzling. It’s the sort of move that requires utter compliance from whoever you’re slamming, so it’s entirely impractical in terms of actual hand-to-hand combat, but man what a devastating finishing manuever. The sort of thing that if you could pull it off, no bully would ever come within 20 yards of you ever again and your legend would live on forever.

While other more celebrated, practical finishing moves may take center stage in wrestling lore (Hogan’s Leg Drop, Macho Man’s Flying Elbow, Stone Cold Stunner etc.), let us never forget to celebrate the legacy of the Frankensteiner. Enjoy.



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