Friday Fungus!

In an attempt to improve the image of yet another F word with unfair, negative connotations (tough to overcome athlete’s foot/jock itch commercials), occasionally on Fridays we take time out to celebrate the wild, wonderful world of fungi. By the time we’re done with this feature, you’ll amaze at dinner parties and make the ladies swoon with your flair for fungus.

“Haha you fool! Hen of the Woods! Obviously, it’s a Hexagonal-pored Polypore!”

“Hey where are you going?”

This week in mycophagy (duh, of course there’s a word for ‘the act of eating mushrooms’), we take a look at the Jack O’ Lantern shroom. This lovely little fungi is nice to look at but don’t eat it! The Jack O’ Lantern is highly poisonous and will have you doubled over faster than a dubious (or let’s face it a regular) sushi buffet.

Fun Fact: The Jack O’ Lantern glows in the dark.


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