There are few things more American than getting out there and working on some solid baseball fundamentals. Whether you’re a coach, or just a guy who likes to hang around ballfields and hit flyballs to strangers, there’s a list of gear you’ll need to get in the game.

Tiny coach shorts, check. Two cans tabaccy, wintergreen (one for each back pocket), double check. Hat that’s too big on top and too tight in back, check.

A bat, uncheck!

To complete your checklist and really look the part, a regular bat just isn’t going to cut it. You my friend need a fungo bat.

“What is a fungo?” You might ask.

It’s pretty much a bat, only skinnier.

“Why can’t I just use a regular bat and use that to hit flyballs and groundballs?”

Ha! You just try establishing credibility with those strangers at the park with a mere regular bat.

“So why do I need this?”

Really I’m just teasing the fungo…In all seriousness the fungo is a coach’s best friend, as its light weight and sleek design make hitting scorching line drives at your mouthy second baseman who needs to be taught a lesson in becoming a man, a cinch.


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