So much more than just fried chickpeas, this crispy temptress is one of those dishes that transcends mere eating. Falafel has emerged as such a beloved phenomenon that its origins have become a hotly disputed matter of national pride.

One falafel creation story claims it was invented by Coptic folks in Egypt who were looking for something substantial to eat during Lent. With Holy Season approaching, I like the sound of this story, but pretty much every other country in the Middle East has their own version of events.

Regardless of who created the falafel, the important thing is we all now have falafel. For that, all of us here at TMF say a big SHUKRAN/TODA/THANK YOU!

For a more authoritative take on falafel, click here. For bonus knowledge about falafel’s equally beloved sister salad, tabouleh, please do take a moment.

This post is dedicated to the once-great and sadly now defunct, Zorkafor’s Sandveg, of Alexandria, VA.  I still giggle everytime I think of you. “You want special nice tahini? 50 cents extra!!!”


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