***Editor’s Note*** The following piece was provided special to TMF, courtesy of the reclusive, mysterious Le Fond. Not much is known about Le Fond, other than his/her legendary wit, flair for the outrageous and fondness for fortresses. Please enjoy.

Where have all the Fortresses gone?  No, it’s not Paula Cole’s new single; it’s a serious question.  The last time we saw the headline: Local Zoning Board Approves Fortress?  1890?  Why is it that fortresses went out with feudal system? Are there not ANY eccentric rich people with a taste for ramparts and moats?  I mean, I guess there are some fixer-uppers out there…..

But it’s hard to find new construction fortresses out there.  We become soft America.

The greatest generation got the closest to bringing it back. They even stepped it up with the addition of wings. The B-17 Flying Fortress.

Aint she a beaut!

The Allied forces main bomber in the Second Great War. Aint she a beaut!  Oh the payload! 4,800 lbs of bombs.  I wonder if a flying fortress ever bombed the hell out of a regular fortress.  We here at the Mighty F do not condone F on F violence of any kind, but I’m sure when it happened people lost interest in dropping millions on a building that was just asking for a solid carpet bombing.  Old school fortresses just didn’t match up well with new school fortresses.  Progress definitely doesn’t start with F.

***Look for more on fortresses in the months to come, as Le Fond sees fit.


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