Fantasy Baseball

By: Alfred J.

I’m not sure how many women read TMF blog, but for those that do, let me give you a quick tutorial on your husband/boyfriend/brother/son’s obsession with fantasy baseball.

Cooler than me? Never!

It has been mocked, called names (fake baseball, etc) and its enthusiasts  typecast as nerds just barely cooler than the comic book guy from The Simpsons. But this is unfair I say, unfair indeed.

First, imagine drafting a team made up of your favorite Bachelor contestants or Downton Abbey characters. Then imagine getting rewarded for their success in the show: if Lindzi gets a rose its like YOU getting a rose! If Lady Mary inherits the estate, pop champagne honey because YOU just inherited Downton! What you were already blogging about, reading in the checkout line magazines, and rooting for now becomes personal. Your interest no longer remains on the screen, it actually has an effect on your life! Your friends will praise your wise choice to trade footman Thomas away before he gets fired from the ranks of the servants.  You saw it coming for weeks, you’ll say.

You see, fantasy baseball is not just about sports. It’s about taking something you enjoy but can never be a part of and making it tangible to you. However doing that alone would not be very fun so we form leagues. And this is the heart of the greatness of fantasy sports: camaraderie.

There are friends I cannot talk to on a regular basis due to distance, time and family duties (read: children). But during baseball season we can find time to talk thrice a month! Sure, a call might start about A-Rod and how we’d like to trade him, but it will finish with hearing about how his daughter got her first tooth.

Old jokes are dusted off and reused every spring, evoking simpler, more carefree times. It’s not an escape as much as it is a reminder.  A reminder that there is a lot more out there than just the computer in front of my face at work and the steering wheel in front of my hands during my commute. There are friends and relationships and hopes and dreams to be chased. So let him enjoy that draft night, ladies. There’s more than baseball talk happening.

Final offer: 'Ol Stubblebeard Grimes for 'Three Finger' Brown straight up. Three Finger is back from the Spanish-American War, fully recovered from typhoid and ready to throw another 800 innings this year.


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