Fantastic Flaggery

Flags have long been a passion of mine. First it was the flag cards, then it was patches + pins, and then shirts. And then it was shirts with slogans, which led to the activism phase (Free Trans-Dniester!), and the equally annoying snarky phase (Icelander – I barely know her!) etc.

With all that behind us, I’ve now come to a place where I just enjoy flags and flaggery in general (or vexillology if you wanna be fancy about it). “What do the colors mean? Why is that bird there? Is that a crustacean on your flag? That sun with a face is weird.”

It’s all so interesting how nations choose to portray themselves. A flag says what you want the rest of the world to know about you.

They don’t make em like they used to. Thank you ancient Kingdom of Benin.

Here is a list of a few all-time favorites. Let’s just make this a list of best currently-used flags, as a list of best all-time flags would open Pandora’s Box for every eccentric country/nation-state to ever use the flag medium to make known their most charming attributes.

8. Zambia – I’m sure this flag is rich with symbolism, but it mainly just reminds me of Contra.

7. Turks + Caicos – Fantastic stuff here – you’ve got a mangled looking conch shell, with what appears to be a trilobite and shuttlecock.

There’s a great sub-genre of former colonial possession-flags where the Union Jack hogs like 20% of the flag, so they just fill the rest with a bunch of random indigenous stuff.

6. Tokelau – I’m a total sucker for nautical-themed flags.

5. Northern Marianas – The South Pacific is full of great flags, but we’ll go with this one to honor my granddaddy who served in Saipan during WWII.

4. Uruguay – Creepy? Yes. But those colors are just delightful.

3. Isle of Man – This is like one of those rorshach tests. I feel anxious and confused when I see this flag, but it is visually appealing.

2. Gibraltar – This Bowser-approved flag makes me want to fire up the NES, warp all the way to level 8 and take care of business!

1. St. Pierre + Miquelon – Behold, the fairest of them all.



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4 responses to “Fantastic Flaggery

  1. Why not post about the flags of France, Finland, Frankfort, Florida, and Fiji?

  2. Funny, fabulous and free. Flags are funtastic fare for the whole family I say!

  3. francis

    Fine flaggery indeed.

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