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Stumbled upon a fantastic resource the other day – the BBC Nature section. For those of us who like to use collective nouns the correct way (the team IS vs. the team ARE), and spell diarrhea the way God intended (not “I’ve got the diarrhoea, guv’na”), the BBC can be a bit much. If you’re strong enough to stomach a healthy dose of Britishness, I highly recommend this tremendous resource for all things flora + fauna.

Last week’s segment about cockroaches was a must-read, and the Dino Section, don’t get me started! They’ve created these vivid, intense dinosaur videos that will knock your socks off and give you night terrors for months.

Here’s a direct link to the Nature section so you can avoid the homepage which is always full of the BBC’s classic passive-aggressive, insulting headlines; where they use those sarcastic quotes to make someone else’s words convey what they really want to say without actually saying it themselves.

Americans ‘Fat Like Walruses’

Americans ‘Ruining Everything’

Yanks ‘Dumber Than Bags of Rocks’

would be some pretty typical examples.

Don’t let those headlines get you down! Go learn something and share your newly acquired flora + fauna knowledge with others today.



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