Finger Guns

Uh oh here comes an acquaintance you know but don’t really speak with. Do you avoid eye contact? No that’s rude. Head nod? Half smile? A salute?

Since the beginning of time, people have struggled with the right and appropriate way to acknowledge someone you pass in close quarters.

At some point, a bold innovator took a gamble by pulling his hands from his pockets and firing his fingers like guns at his acquaintance. The acquaintance instinctively pretended to be shot by the finger bullets and started laughing. The two then walked away arm-in-arm, no longer acquaintances – but friends.

This is only a guess as to how Finger Guns originated. It’s entirely possible that the first man to try Finger Gunning someone was immediately shot and killed.

Certainly some variation of Finger Guns existed long before guns were invented. Whether they used Finger Spears, Finger Arrows or Finger Broadswords to break the ice who knows, we’ll leave that to the scholars and historians.

Regardless of who the first was, the fact remains that Finger Gunning has evolved beyond its original friend-making, hilarious-greeting function to become one of the most beloved, enduring forms of self-expression.

While Finger Guns have fallen a bit on hard times as of late (most Finger Gunners these days are on some kind of Watch List), they reached a pinnacle in 1991 thanks to perhaps the greatest ‘Gunner of them all, Randall “Thrill” Hill.

Please enjoy the best usage of Finger Guns of all time. 

And keep those guns blazin!


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