Future Forecastings

In the spirit of Conan’s classic “In the Year 2000” skits, please welcome a new series where we put on our projection goggles and throw out some ideas of what we think might happen in the near future. Enjoy!

  • Space Jam 2, starring Lebron James, Jeremy Lin, Metta World Peace and Delonte West will go on to win the award for Best Picture, and become the world’s all-time highest grossing film.
  • TMF will go public, only to flummox disappointed investors.
  • F will be designated the “official letter” of at least one U.S. state.
  • That new show, the Cajun Pawn Shop Owners of Alaska who Also Make Cupcakes and Buy Storage Lockers, will become TV’s #1 rated show.
  • Loyal fans of the TV show Friends will riot when they see their beloved show ranked below Family Matters, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and F Troop on the forthcoming list of the top F TV shows of all time.
  • Overalls will become a fashion rage, but farmers won’t like it.
  • I will breathlessly watch every minute of swimming and gymnastics during the Summer Olympics, then not watch those things again until 2016.
  • “Free Will and Free Willy: Did Willy Choose to Jump?” will go on to become TMF’s most thought-provoking, controversial entry.
  • You will have a tremendous summer buoyed by the promise of Space Jam 2, and a renewed sense of how grateful you are for all the nice things in your life!

What do you think will happen? Let’s stay positive now, none of these “war, pestilence, strife etc.” frowny face ideas. 



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5 responses to “Future Forecastings

  1. I swear if you post Friends below those other ridiculous shows (barring Family Matters and Full House) there will be a showdown. Now.

  2. RBElite

    First pitch fastballs will be feasted on like a fat man at a food convention in the upcoming fall softball league.

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