F TV Shows: The Best Shows of All Time (That Start With F)

After much debate and painstaking research we have finally reached a consensus on this most controversial, most divisive, most incendiary of lists. This list is certain to cause an uproar and quite possibly could tear the F community apart, but we are not here to make the easy decisions. Without further ado we give you the greatest television programs of all time (that start with F).

15. Father Dowling Mysteries – Have you seen this 90s Family Channel cult favorite? It’s great! I believe it was on after Empty Nest. Let me give you a rundown: Tom Bosley is a priest who teams with a nun to solve mysteries. That’s pretty much it.

14. Frasier – I’ll be honest, didn’t much care for this show when it was still on, but since being forced to watch it on airplanes and on sick days I’ve really come around. Frasier and Niles are a real hoot and I like that dog.

13. Freaks and Geeks – This beloved, delightful coming of age program perfectly captured that awkward 80s teen angst in a meaningful way.

12. Futurama – Despite a strong cult following, Matt Groening’s “other show” is consistently underappreciated. The sharp, rapid-fire jokes, memorable characters and imaginative storylines deserve more credit.

11. Friends – Had to add this one to avoid a fight with the missus, and so as to not provoke hordes of angry Ross fans to start turning over cars and looting shops.

10. Friday Night Lights – Football in a small Texas town, Explosions in the Sky, teen drama offset by coaching wisdom = America at its best.

9. F Troop – My wife says this show is delightful. I trust her judgment so we’ll plug them as a solid #9 on our list.

8. Fantasy Island – The show that launched a million Herve Villechaize impressions, this 70s classic was an outside-the-box, enduring cultural sensation.

Herve with Lt. Frank Drebin’s nemesis.

7.  Family Feud – Take two families from different worlds, pit them against each other, give them buzzers, ask them silly questions + encourage them to blurt out the first thing that comes to their minds; throw Al Borland/Louie Anderson/other comedic genius into the mix to mediate, and you have yourself a winning formula. 36 years on the air and still going strong!

6. Family Guy – Sometimes it’s a fine line between crass/annoying/trying way too hard and rolling on the floor with laugh spasms, but Family Guy’s impact and wit are undeniable.

5. Full House“Everywhere you look, there’s a friend, a hand to hold onto!” A strong contender for the #1 spot, Full House captured our hearts and left us with a slew of crushes, life lessons (Don’t dial Japan long distance!) and immortal catch phrases. Do we still love Full House? You got it, dude.

4. Flintstones, The – Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, Bam-Bam, elephant vacuum, slidin’ down a brontosaurus, don’t spare the spareribs, Poobahs… Simply one of the best.

3. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The – This show was just awesome at delivering consistent laughs while driving home solid life lessons. So much more than one of the great theme songs of all time and Will Smith, this show masterfully incorporated urban elements with enough things white folks like to make it an across-the-board mega success. To this day, every couple months I Youtube Uncle Phil throwing Jazz out the door.

2. Family Matters – What can we say about Family Matters that hasn’t already been said? Life-changing, heartwarming, life-warming… For my money it still doesn’t get any better than Steve Urkel saying, “Did I do that???”

Oh man remember the jail episode? Classic!

1. Flight of the Conchords – In a major upset, taking the coveted best-ever title is perhaps the most enjoyable, most flat-out hilarious show of all time: Flight of the Conchords. Congrats! The brilliant, pitch-perfect combination of funny songs, zany characters, earnest buffonery and delightful kiwi antics propel FOTC to the top of the heap despite its short run.

(Honorable Mention: Father Knows Best, Fraggle Rock, Facts of Life, Family Ties)

Stay tuned for the forthcoming, equally controversial ‘Worst F TV Shows of All Time’ list.



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10 responses to “F TV Shows: The Best Shows of All Time (That Start With F)

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  2. Just came across your blog, F cool concept!!! Greetings from Germany.

  3. Impybat

    Yesss, Freaks and Geeks! I love that show.

  4. RBElite

    Couple thoughts: A. I would like to commend u on not mentioning fear factor in any way shape or form(even though Ive just done that). B. Id like to send an early ‘Flaccid 15’ nod to Franklin and Bash. C. Nice props on F Troop’s placement on the list, enjoyed that show very much. D. I like to send a Top 15 late absentee ballot vote to Flipper. Incredible show, that fish *mammal* (whatever!)helped shape me into the man I am today.

    • Excellent hard-hitting analysis! Fear Factor is the pits, if “Flavor of Love” didn’t exist they’d be a real contender for the #1 spot on the worst F TV Show list. After your impassioned Flipper plea, we’ll have to go back and watch a couple episodes because we had them slotted as the #8 worst F show of all time. I remember Flipper being terrible but maybe that was more a consequence of coming on after Gilligan’s Island.

  5. Stewart

    Oops. Just noticed F Rock in the honorable mention. That’s okay.

    • Really struggled with Fraggle Rock, definitely a worthy contender. But who do you bump to get Fraggle Rock in the mix? Surely not Father Dowling? We will probably bend to the will of the people if the Fraggle Rock community rises up. We’re also bracing for a Friends fan backlash…

  6. Anonymous

    How on Earth was Fraggle Rock left off?

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