Francophone Fellowship

Greetings F Community. Just a quick notice that TMF leadership will be out of town for a bit, meeting with friends old and new in Port-au-Prince.

Your exhortation this week is to read a bit about the history of Haiti. Haiti’s story is more fascinating, complex and turbulent than any fiction you’re likely to read this summer. Pirates, legendary battles, incredible triumph, immense suffering, slavery and freedom, beating the odds, great music, spicy intercontinental intrigue, conspiracies, spiritual mystery, sugarcane, cockfighting, classic romances, dictatorship, revolts, one-armed heroes, massacres, invasions, idyllic landscapes, destroyed landscapes, stark poverty and unimaginable riches… Haiti’s story has it all!   

So saddle on up with a nice cold Prestige or a glass of Barbancourt (or if you don’t imbibe you can try one of those lukewarm Raisin sodas found in northern Haiti) as you think about Haiti this week. Here are a couple great reads if you’re interested, and a nice timeline for a jumping off point. Please give us a shout if you have any other Haiti reading suggestions.

To really get you in the right frame of mind this week, I highly recommend tracking down a recipe for one of the finest Haitian delicacies, griot. While not tremendously kosher, it is tremendously delicious. Prepare with some blazin’ hot pikliz on the side and get ready to have your culinary socks knocked off!

Griot — heavenly porky goodness.

OK much love to everyone. Now let’s get out there and have a nice, introspective week full of meaningful conversations with loved ones – and also folks who are not yet loved ones but may become so.

Orevwa (bye) for now!

Men ampil chay pa lou! (With a lot of hands, nothing is heavy)


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