Fall Favorites: The 5 F’s of Fall

Apparently it is now Fall. Whatever that means; it was like 93 degrees here yesterday. Every year in Florida we rely on other people to tell us when seasons are allegedly changing elsewhere in the world, so I have to assume you guys are telling us the truth.

Despite not having much in the way of changing seasons, I do look forward to this time of year – if only to live vicariously through the quaint things you upper 47’ers do with all your pumpkins, snow and leaves. Here are the five things that to me, encapsulate all that is wonderful about this time of year.

Foliage – While we tend to disregard trees ¾ of the year, Fall is their time to shine – unleashing hordes of insatiable Leaf Peepers, Oak Oglers and Sweetgum Gazers to the Northeast and other tree-rich regions to stare at leaves. I’m more of a summer foliage man myself, but I see the appeal.

Fright – Who doesn’t love a good scare this time of year? Without fail, in the fall we are inundated with movies about malevolent spirits, sleepy hollows, goblins and saws.

Football – There are few things better than college football on a crisp, autumn day. Though watching a game in Little Havana in November, in shorts, was pretty awesome as well…

Food + Fermentation – Fall’s food and drink remind us of a time when we used to have to really work the land to bring forth a season of abundance. Fall also serves as a reminder that pumpkins are more than just objects to be chunked, shot or otherwise exploded – they are also objects that flavor our beer and coffee products.

Family – Last but not least, Fall of course means family. Fall should be spent in the company of loved ones – if for no other reason than to huddle together for warmth.

So a very Happy Fall to you all! May your horn of plenty be ample and your beverages be pumpkin-spiced as you spend time in the presence of loved ones… taking in a football game, enjoying a good scare, or looking at some leaves.

May your horn of plenty be ample!


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