By: Paul Washington
Look, I’m not even going to make a joke here.  Yes, there’s a He-Man character with an over-sized metal right hand named Fisto… and he’s heard them all.

“Middle School was the most difficult time of my life.” — Fisto

For those of you in the 25-and-under age range, “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” was a cartoon created in the early 1980s exclusively to sell action figures. (Think “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” without the compelling backstory.)
Most of the characters in the series were villains who spent much of their time devising schemes to destroy the series’ titular hero, He-Man.  Fisto was an outlier in that he was one of the few “good guy” characters who fought alongside He-Man.

Here’s a shot of Fisto and He-Man bro-ing out. Remember, this was back in the mid-80s, when it was perfectly acceptable for children to look up to He-Man, a shirtless man with a mom haircut.

Fisto’s gigantic right fist came in handy for smashing rocks and for general intimidation purposes; though it couldn’t have been good for his shoulder and elbow joints.  He also sported a manly reddish-brown beard that paired well with his slicked-back coiffure.  What he lacked in ability to pass through airport metal detectors, he made up for in rugged handsomeness.
Children need heroes, and here at The Mighty F, we seek to promote those heroes who start with F: Fathers, Firefighters, Fosbury,  Fisto, etc.
If we can recapture that childhood connection to our heroes, we too can overcome any of life’s hurdles, including being born with a giant iron hand.


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5 responses to “Fisto

  1. Fisto has a manly beard, thus I would totally sex him.

  2. Paul Washington

    I’ll bet Fisto would like to shake hands with Danny Tartabull, but can’t because of that giant iron fist.

  3. by the power of grayskull…I have the POWER!

  4. Heroes (men of good character) can get away with any kind of haircut. It isn’t the hair that matters, after all.

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