Fozzie Bear

With the election safely behind us, let us now get back to the important things in life… like talking about lower-tier Muppets. Please welcome back our resident 80s expert Mr. Paul Washington and join him in showing some love for an under-appreciated icon.

By: Paul Washington

Today, we’re going to shine the spotlight on one of the great sidekicks of all time, Fozzie Bear.  For nearly 40 years, this struggling ursine stand-up comedian has faithfully stood in the shadow of his famous best friend, Kermit the Frog.

A frog and a bear: nature’s best friends.

Fozzie spent his pre-school days under the watchful eye of Nanny, having nursery room adventures with the aforementioned Kermit, as well as Miss Piggy, Rowlf the Dog, Animal, Bunsen and Beeker, and the twins, Skeeter and Scooter.  Even at that early age, his penchant for stand-up was evident.  It was also then that he honed his patented “Wocka Wocka Wocka!” after telling a bad joke.

Fozzie (here, a cartoon baby) was an early standard bearer for the letter F and a pioneer in promoting its virtues even before this blog took up that mantle.

As he grew older, he unfortunately did not get much funnier.  But perhaps that’s what endears him to us — we’re drawn to the lovable lout who refuses to give up.  Also, rather than hanging his head and giving up on his dreams, he instead used his love of comedy to help others, creating Hey, You’re as Funny as Fozzie Bear! — a video designed to help kids explore their comedic talents.

Despite his relative lack of notoriety compared to his cohorts, Kermit and Miss Piggy, Fozzie remains one of the most beloved of all the Muppets because of his devotion to his friend Kermit, his dedication to his comedic craft, and his generally positive attitude.

Here at the Mighty F, if we’re about anything, it’s fostering a culture of positivity (even though it doesn’t begin with F).  Therefore, we take great pleasure in honoring our favorite stuffed bear comedian.



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10 responses to “Fozzie Bear

  1. Mary Beth Martin

    I would like to disagree with whomever categorized Fozzie as a “Lower-tier muppet.”
    That is reserved for the butter-skating rats & such. If you have seen Muppets take Manhattan then you must know that Fozzie got his own dressing room with a gold star which obviously deserves him a top-tier status. That is all.

    • Clearly it’s Kermit and then everyone else… Ergo Fozzie is lower-tier. But I see your point. Double but, as Paul pointed out, I agree that the real reason we love and resonate with Fozzie has to do with his underdog/loveable loser/lower tier ways.

    • Paul Washington

      Mary Beth, what a gal! Anyone whose muppet knowledge exceeds mine and who belts Minnie the Moocher like a champ is definitely a keeper.

  2. Nice thematic focus for this blog. Have you ever watched The Letter People? When I saw the blog it reminded me of Mr. F. I’d put the link to the youtube account in, but I fear it’d get pegged as SPAM.

    • Thank you sir for this find. I just looked it up and saw the theme of the Mr. F episode was ‘Funny Feet’ – which sounds a bit gross but may merit an entry.

      • Good to hear! It used to be a favorite show of mine when I was a kid. I even tried to track down and purchase some of the original puppets. Apparently they were damaged. A different company acquired them some time ago and changed most of the theme songs and the appearances of the puppets. The newer version may be less foot-oriented. I’ll see if I can track the newer version down.

      • Excellent. This sounds like some good guest post material if you are keen 😉 we are always looking for experts on overlooked F things.

      • I may have to take you up on that in the near future! My schedule is free come early December, at which point I’d love to guest post about The Letter People/Mr. F

  3. Impybat

    Ha, Fozzie is the greatest! And let’s not forget another oft-overlooked, lesser-known Muppet…Floyd, from the Electric Mayhem!

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