Food Words

Certain words make me hungry. Often times I read a word on a page that has nothing to do with food, but it triggers an immediate food association/ hunger response. Here are a few that set me off, along with any necessary explanations. Sometimes there are a couple degrees of separation.

Calamity: Calamari

General/Generally: General Tso. I have an insatiable desire for any and all Asian foods. I would eat extra spicy Gen. Tso’s for breakfast every day if it was a bit more affordable/socially acceptable.

Pad/Padding/Paddle: Thai Food

Boat: Sushi Boat

Sticker/Stick/Stickler: Pot-sticker

Balloon: Chips. The word balloon leads to baboon, which makes me think of all those mischievous baboons stealing bags of chips in Cape Town.

Penguin: Ice Cream. Specifically, penguins make me think of puffins, whose brightly colored beaks make me think of Creamsicle.

Cool: Cool Ranch Chips

Viscous: Couscous

Harmless: Hummus

Blubber/Blub/Bulbous/Walrus: Pork Belly or some good Fatty BBQ

Basically: Basil, which leads back to Thai Food

Forklift: Obviously 😉

Machine/Machinery: Mac and Cheez

Wood/Coal/Hut/Zone/Stuff… : Basically every word makes me think of pizza.

I could go on forever… These are just a few that are pretty locked in. As you can imagine reading has become very difficult for me.


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