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The Mighty F is the universally recognized leader in all news and things (that start with the letter F).

In this comprehensive repository of f-words, you’ll find discussions about faith, foreign policy, Finland, feuds, fjords and whatever else we can come up with that starts with f.

Why? Because of one unfortunate four-letter word, the letter f has been unfairly sullied and stigmatized like no other letter in history. No more will we stand idly by while this noble letter is brought down by those who seek to destroy it.

Join us on our journey, from our meteoric rise, to our future spectacular implosion as we crumble under the weight of increased expectations and/or run out of things that start with f.

The in-between will be fun. I expect it’ll be like a really long episode of Sesame Street, but with more flamethrowers.

11 responses to “Find Out More

  1. I don’t understand your blog, but I do know that if you haven’t seen it, you must feature the infamous cartoon by the great Joe Martin (, “I think Carlos is Quitting,” which actually never ran in the paper, but is preserved here:

  2. Feeling frisky loving the fjords and other F words! 😉

  3. Borednicole

    freakin fabulous. 🙂

  4. ~S

    This sounds like full-on fun!!

  5. You’ve been nominated for the “Inspirational Blogger” Award by Me! Congrats! You can find the details about the award here:

    Have Fun! ; )

  6. Focusing on F is folly. I’m frankly flabbergasted. Lotsa fun though.

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