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Fantasy Football: Big Evil Corporation League

An email to kickoff the new season of the ultra-exclusive Big Evil Corporation Fantasy Football League.

Gentlemen, the time has come for yet another year of Fantasy Football. I’d like to extend a welcome to our newest addition to the league, FoxConn. You may remember them from such things as paying their workers shockingly low wages, aggressively polluting the environment, and not allowing bathroom breaks until the factory-mandated iPhone quota for the day has been fulfilled.

I’m just teasing of course. You’ll find that there’s a lot of good-natured ribbing here FoxConn, welcome aboard.

We have assembled on this encrypted email thread, 15 of the world’s largest, most ruthless corporations. Continue reading


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Fantasy Baseball

By: Alfred J.

I’m not sure how many women read TMF blog, but for those that do, let me give you a quick tutorial on your husband/boyfriend/brother/son’s obsession with fantasy baseball.

Cooler than me? Never!

It has been mocked, called names (fake baseball, etc) and its enthusiasts  typecast as nerds just barely cooler than the comic book guy from The Simpsons. But this is unfair I say, unfair indeed.

First, imagine drafting a team made up of your favorite Bachelor contestants or Downton Abbey characters. Then imagine getting rewarded for their success in the show: if Lindzi gets a rose its like YOU getting a rose! Continue reading

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