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Fantasy Football: Big Evil Corporation League

An email to kickoff the new season of the ultra-exclusive Big Evil Corporation Fantasy Football League.

Gentlemen, the time has come for yet another year of Fantasy Football. I’d like to extend a welcome to our newest addition to the league, FoxConn. You may remember them from such things as paying their workers shockingly low wages, aggressively polluting the environment, and not allowing bathroom breaks until the factory-mandated iPhone quota for the day has been fulfilled.

I’m just teasing of course. You’ll find that there’s a lot of good-natured ribbing here FoxConn, welcome aboard.

We have assembled on this encrypted email thread, 15 of the world’s largest, most ruthless corporations. Continue reading


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Football Nicknames

For a brief moment in time, it seemed that learning world capitals was going to be the next big thing. People were all like “Podgorica this” and “Funafuti that.”

That fizzled faster than the idea of paying more than $1 for a cupcake, but you can’t hold good trivia down.

With that in mind we’re here to start a new, hot trivia trend – national football team nicknames. Keep in mind in this case we mean football as in “soccer.”

We’ve found through painstaking research that national nicknames tend be filed under one of a few distinct categories:

1.) animals

2.) unimaginative/lazy/nondescript (this includes all teams that refer to themselves as a color, or use a generic adjective to describe their performance)

3.)  _____ Boys(z), [Caribbean squads especially like this formula]

4.) funny natural resource boast/well thought out/generally awesome team name

5.) And last but not least, the ‘maybe this means something different in your native tongue?’ category.

Let’s look at some highlights from around the world. Continue reading

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