F Map

Work your way around the globe to see what F is accomplishing around the world. Please feel free to submit other F happenings around planet earth so we can be aware of what the F community is doing.

Thanks to http://mapicons.nicolasmollet.com/ for the great icons!

9 responses to “F Map

  1. You should totally add this place to the F Map – Freeze & Frizz http://www.yelp.com/biz/freeze-and-frizz-lititz-2

  2. Thanks Mighty F! So awesome to make the map! I will be doing a blog post about Farsha and will link to the Mighty F as well.

  3. The F map Frocks! At the tip of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt there is an awesome beach called Fanara Beach…Fringing Fanara Beach is a local favorite dive site called Ras Umm Sid. Close by and built into the cliff side is a Bedouin Style cafe called Farsha. http://www.farshacafe.com/ A super cool place to chill and watch the moon rise over the Red Sea while sipping Fresh melon juice and smoking Shisha.

  4. My favorite brother’s name is Fred. 30 years ago I was in a bathroom stall where someone wrote:

    “I love Fred!”

    Someone else responded:

    “How can you love someone with that name?”

    The first person responded:

    “How can I not?”

  5. Frank

    Hi, my name is Frank. Sadly, my name is now out of fashion. But, not at all things F!

    • themightyf

      Other than Fred, I can’t think of a better name than Frank! We’ve been thinking about doing a top 10 Franks of all time to give all the Franks their due.

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