Why are you doing this?

It’s good to have a hobby.

Why F?

F is an under-appreciated, underdog letter that deserves better treatment. We are here to reclaim the inherent goodness of F.

Also, not that many things start with Q.

Can I contribute to TMF?

Sure thing, so long as you bring the interesting and respect general rules of decency. This is a blog by the F enthusiasts, for the F enthusiasts. At the moment we are looking for experts on Flamethrowers, Falconry and Family Matters.

What if my topic doesn’t begin with F?

Then it doesn’t fly. Of course we’ll consider something so long as it has a redeeming amount of F’s, but don’t try to game the system.

Can I get some TMF swag?

Theoretically I suppose, perhaps we could make some mugs or something.

Can I start a rival letter blog?

Bring it! So long as you agree to some sort of Highlander battle-to-the-death scenario. We play for keeps!

What is the ultimate goal of TMF?

TMF has a craftily veiled agenda to increase worldwide peace, understanding and inter-cultural connection through the discussion of minutiae.

What is the penultimate goal of TMF?

To learn things and foster discussion between thoughtful people.

What happens when you run out of f words?

We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. We’ll probably do a 1984-esque switcheroo when the time comes – “Welcome to the Mighty G Blog. This has always been the Mighty G Blog…”

3 responses to “FAQ

  1. Impybat

    “Also, not that many things start with Q.” I beg to differ…my last name! ;D
    The letter F is pretty awesome, though.

  2. Flying fish remind me of Barbados, where my husband was born and grew up. We visit his mother and other relatives there, and it’s a fantastic, friendly, island surrounded by gently foaming waves.

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