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Foreign, Familiar Faces

One of the greatest things about our world is that everyone is different. Every person is a unique snowflake.

However some snowflakes are not quite so unique. The truth is that many of us look exactly like other people. In my case that has unfortunately mostly led to Rick Moranis or Steve-O from Jackass comparisons (save one glorious time when a small, possibly nearsighted child misidentified me as very tall NFL quarterback Matt Ryan), but for better or worse, almost all of us look like someone else.

Even the world’s powerful elite are not immune from looking like other people. No corridor of power is untouched by this phenomenon. When I first saw His Holiness Pope Francis I thought he was Rudolph Giuliani. Or maybe Dennis Hopper.

Here are a few other examples of world leaders past and present who look like someone else. Continue reading


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Finnish Him!

Today we’re talking about Finland.

Finland is so hot right now! Number one in education, chock-full of beautiful, athletic people, close to the top of the Happiness Index, boatloads of reindeer, world-class infrastructure, dominant in all those economic/health/quality of life categories; the Finns are absolutely crushin’ it.

How do they do it? What are their secrets? 

Finland is just crushin’ it these days! Flag via CIA Factbook, so don’t do anything weird with it.

This of course should be at the top of every U.S. politician’s agenda (figuring out how to co-opt things and ideas from other countries in a way that is beneficial to us) but it’s not easy to admit when you’ve been outhustled, outmaneuvered and outcoached. The truth is, we’re being out-America’d.

It’s time to put the pride aside America. Time to head to Helsinki, flat-billed MLB hats in hand, and say, “Alright, how’d you do it?” Better we do this now as opposed to a Kent Brockman-esque welcoming of our new Finnish overlords in 2085. “Hail, Finns!” Continue reading


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F in the 2012 Olympic Games

It’s time once again time for that glorious spectacle, that quadrennial global showcase of sport, pomp, cultural pride and advertising: the Summer Olympics! It’s a time when we’re reminded that there are indeed people in other countries who competitively run, play ping pong, shoot, choreograph their dancing in the pool, throw stuff and jump on trampolines just like we do.

Of course the USA will win a boatload of medals and make a tremendous showing as always; no real concerns there. So let’s discuss what really matters here: how F is going to fare at the games in London. Here’s our breakdown of all our F representatives.

Fiji’s flag via Wikipedia.

Fiji – 8 competitors qualified in 6 different sports. Look for strong Fijian showings in archery, the javelin throw, judo, shooting (let’s go Glenn Kable in the Trap Shoot!), swimming and weightlifting. Just wait until rugby becomes an Olympic sport, then you’re all in big trouble! Fiji is currently #14 in the world. Continue reading


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