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I’ve always thought that one of the greatest tragedies of all these email scams is that they hurt all the dignitaries out there who really do need your assistance regarding a sensitive financial matter. Consider the following…

Greetings Blessed Benefactor,

My name is Barrister John Smyth. I hail from a small village in West Africa and I need your help with a highly sensitive financial matter.

Please do not delete this! Allow me to explain…

I know what you’re thinking, “This sounds like one of those Internet scams originating out of West Africa wherein the scammer promises a large sum of money for a small one-time investment…” etc.

You’re not going to believe this, but I actually am a barrister, I actually did find you through an Internet search, and I actually do need your help to secure a most munificent transfer of funds. What are the odds, am I correct?

Please do not let the misdeeds of others or the astronomical odds of you being selected for this generous, unsolicited financial opportunity taint the integrity of this very important message. Continue reading


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Facebook Furors

Man oh man everybody just calm down! What is it about facebook that turns ordinarily level-headed people into raving lunatics? To paraphrase our great poet Ludacris, we got a lot of folks who are “a lady on the street, but a creep on the web.” (Sorry Luda this blog is family friendly).

I’m looking at you, partisan political grievance guy, in your face judgmental guy, and most especially you Mr. snarky, inflammatory comment for everything guy. I’m not even going to mention racist guy, everything sux guy, explicit guy, controversial social issue rabble rouser, or desperate, poor taste humor guy; surely even you know you’re the pits. Continue reading

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We here at The Mighty F are still waiting for the Flowbee, one of the most visionary inventions of the 1980s, to come back and take its rightful place atop the hair-care world. This transcendent, currently defunct (you simply cannot rule out the possibility of a comeback) chotchkie was marketed to all the folks out there who care enough about their ‘do to buy a costly, zany hair vacuum gadget off of TV to keep it lookin’ good, but not quite enough to actually go out and get a haircut.

For those unfamiliar with the Flowbee, its essentially a vacuum that somehow cuts your hair. I personally haven’t been Flowbeed, and I’m not a scientist or a barber, so I gotta go with my gut on this one. And my gut says we haven’t seen the last of the Flowbee. Watch the compelling footage below if you don’t believe me.

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